Common Trace Fossils

Most common trace fossils can be classified by the behavior which formed them and are not named by the species that made them.

Behavioral Categorization
Cubichnia when an organism in motion comes to rest leaving an impression of the organism's underside on the substrate
Domichnia an organisms dwelling space, found within beds not on the surface
Fugichnia an organism's trace of escape from their dwelling because of burial or to preserve the use of the burrow, found within beds
Repichnia an organism in motion leaving a crawling trace, mostly found on the substrate
Paschichnia an organism leaving a trace of how it was grazing over the sediment for food, commonly found on the substrate
Agrichnia network of intricate dwelling burrows which acted as a "garden" for food production, found as positive relief on the underside of a bedding plane
Fodichnia traces left by deposit feeders, 3D horizontal burrows found within the substrate

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