Homo erectus: Morphology

  Here, as in Homo habilis, there is an increase in brain size. The average brain size was between 750 cm3 and 1250 cm3. This shows an overall increase of 40 % from Homo habilis.Cranial shape reflects the brain size increase by thickening of the cranial walls. The supraorbital tori (brow ridges) become larger and there is a projection of the nuchal torus (base of the skull). Due to widening at the base of the skull and a maximum breath below the ear openings, the scull has a pentagonal contour. There is little forehead development.

  There is a large increase in body size. From the information of the Nariokotome skeleton adults weighted well over 100 pounds with a mean height of 5.6 feet. There was a large amount of sexual dimorphism, where males were much larger in comparison to females. There was also an increase in robusticity. Dentition shows a trend towards larger teeth, with the incisor teeth on the back having a scooped out shoveled look.

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