Homo sapiens sapiens (Anatomicaly Modern Humans): Morphology

   Homo sapiens sapiens morphology is diverse at this point. While all finds are attributed to the Homo sapiens sapiens species there is some variety. Most of the older specimens have resemblances to Neanderthals, but most show characteristics similar to the finds at Cro-Magnon. The cranial shape is elongated with a slight pentagonal shape due to bulging at the sides. The forehead is now strait with slightly projecting brow ridges and the occipital bone (back of the skull) points back. The cranial capacity is large at 1600 cm3. There is a projection forward of the face due to the robust mandible, projecting nasal area and the prominent chin. The dentition is nearly identical to that of modern humans except that the last molars are larger.

   There is a general robustness of the body combined with powerful muscles. The forearm and thigh are long, the hand has short fingers and the foot has a well-developed heel. The height of the Homo sapiens sapiens ranged from five feet five inches to five feet seven inches.

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