Neandertals (Late Archaic H. sapiens): Discoveries

  Neanderthals lived in Europe as far north as Britain, to as far south as Spain, and only into central Asia, from130,000 to 35,000 y.a. The first discovery of the Neanderthal was in 1856 in the Neander Valley in Germany. Here the fossil remains were found in a limestone quarrie. The most famous sites in Europe are La Chapelle-Aux-Saints in France, St Cesair in France and Krapana in Croatia where up to 80 individuals were found dating to 130,000 y.a.

  In Tabun, Israel at Mt Carmel cave individuals were found dating to 60,000 y.a. In Kebara, Israel fossils were found dating 110,000 to 120,000 y.a. Iraq also contains a famous fossil site, Shanidar located in the Zargos Mountains. Neandertal remains have been found as far East as Teshik-Tash in Uzbekistan

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