Archaic Homo sapiens: Morphology

  Again there is further brain capacity expansion ranging form 1260 cm3 to 1421 cm3. There is an increase in the paretal breadth (base of the skull) giving the skull a more globular shape. There is a massive supraorbilal torus and a low vault (forehead) In Asia the cranial walls are thinning, there is a sagital ridge and a flattened nasal area. There is also a decrease in robusticity in the skeleton and a decrease in molar size.

   In Africa and Europe there is a robusticity of the mandible, thicker cranial bones, a pronounced heavy occipital torus and a receding frontal bone. The cranium shows a large parental breadth near the base of the skull and smaller teeth overall jaw size is smaller. The skeletal bones are more robust. 

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