Anthropology: The study of past and present cultures.

Archaeological Palynology: The study of pollen grains and other spores found in archaeological or geological deposits.

Archaeology: The study of ancient cultures.

Coprolites: Fossilized feces

Fossils: Remnants of prehistoric organisms, including the traces of their activities.

Index Microfossils: Microfossils characteristic of a particular span of time, such as a biozone, stage or longer unit of time.

Microfossils: All fossils which can be examined only under a microscope, irrespective of their systematic classification.

Paleoclimate: The climate in geologically past times.

Paleoecology: A branch of science that deals with the ecology of extinct and prehistoric organisms.

Paleogeography: The geographical features at periods in the geologically past times.

Paleontology: A branch of science that deals with extinct and fossil animals and plants.