Ankylosaurids in Detail

    The skull of an ankylosaurid is typically as wide as long, and is blockier looking than that of the narrower nodosaurid's.  The largest difference between the ankylosaurids and other dinosaurs is that three of the five characteristic skull openings have fused shut in the ankylosaurid skull.  The antorbital fenestrae, supratemporal fenestrae and the temporal fenestrae.  The width of the animals muzzle tends to increase with the more advanced forms. (eg., Euoplocephalus).   This wide muzzle suggests that the ankylosaurids were not selective grazers, but rather just cropped all low vegetation.  Ankylosaurid teeth were very small compared to the animalís skull size.  Perhaps suggesting that the ankylosaurids had a very powerful internal digestive system.

Here is a simple picture of an Ankylosaurus tooth.

For information on the body armor see the anatomy section. 


This is the skull of Tarchia, the right is a view of the top of the skull.  Note the width and length of the skull along with the ornamentation (scars from scales).

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